a greatfull night!

oh god im really happy!! actually, im really tired now but it's nothing than my pleasure.

ok, so this is it. it was saturday night, i had a plan with opal and inten to see endah n rhesa live again, but inten went to bandung first, so there just me and opal.

i didnt know what to do, but suddenly (idk how) it became my satnite with my frog prince, and plus the devil (the 3rd person is devil, right? hahaha)

at 7 he picked me up and we arrived there (pim) at 8.10 so we met opal at XXI, he almost turned into a mushroom if we didnt meet him soon (we had a plan to take around before we meet him hahaha)

so, there just about Clash of The Titans at the time. we would see Clash of The Titans (not 3D) at 21.25 first, but there was no seat! execpt the goat class (kelas kambing=paling depan maksudnya). so we took the 3D one, at 22.10 and it was 70.000! actually it was for my date, only the 2 of us T________________________________T
but no problem i wont spend my money more next week.

while we waited for the movie, we turned around, laughed stupidly, and i took a photo box with my frog prince. it's cool! (read=cute). then we watched the movie. it was so cold and i didnt bring any jacket then the frog prince covered me with his sweater.

Clash of The Titans was a cool movie. action action and fighting. i enjoyed the movie but frog prince did not. he didnt concent between me and the movie HUAHAHA.

00.10 we finished, opal went home with his fam, and i went home with frog prince. we went to McD first because we were hungry (but im on diet program!) so i didnt eat so much.

01.30 we were (mine) home. finally he took a nap in my home because it was to late at night. i couldnt sleep while he was on the floor, in guest room. so i didnt sleep, we were talking till 4. at 4 he slept, i couldnt back my room. so i watched him sleep and took care of him from the mosquito. i didnt sleep just laid down to take care of him. it's 4 it's 5 it's 6 till it's 7 and he woke up and i did housekeeping -.-

i took care of him for a moment then he went home..
it was my great night, tired but it's fun! hahaha..