why should?

oh God.. what happen again to me..?
i know that You know what happen to me.. i know You know my feeling, my mind..
oh God.. why should me? why should him?
i know You had Your best plan.. but why..?
oh God.. i believe you know i'm sad.. You know i'm missing him..
but why? why should i cry? why should i broke again?

oh God.. i really2 miss him.. i know You know i love him.. i love him very much, he's my smile he's my world..
but why.. why should i loose him? soon.
oh God.. i never love someone like i do now..
but why should the difference being my weakness?
oh God.. i've relayed people i love several times..
should i broke again? should i fall again?
oh God.. You know he brings my smile back..
he fills my day with pleasure..
does it wrong..? but why..?

oh God.. i don't know that i can survive as a good girl anymore or not..
how if i loose my smile again..?
oh God.. why me? why does it hurt me so..?
i don't wanna say that i'm shakin' because of him, i don't wanna bother him.
but God.. how about myself..?
what would i be? where would i be..?

oh God... You know the best for me..
but please keep my heart intact..
i'm starting to fall..