my birthday!!!

ok, it was sunday, february 7th.
i started the day with read several messages on my handphone. i was smiling, i read some message from my besties, and the special one from him (:

i woke up and smiling, i replayed their messages one by one. it was 7 o'clock. i prepared myself to go to the bu suci's house. yep, i "nyuci" that day. firstly, i thought that my 17th birthday wouldn't be special AT ALL. yes, because it is sunday. sunday? i would not see anyone! but it not happened. nyuci, and i met almost all of my friends!!

i went nyuci, it was 9 o'clock. i met maria first! she was the first people i met who said happy birthday to me!! more an more, i got more greetings. i was very happy!

nexyt, after nyuci, i went to flower shop with sisca and then i went to patin with maria, iki, and firman. we arrived there about 1 o'clock. we started to decorate the room, we prepare everything. then rara came and help us.

maria and firman went to home first. that day, i got first present from opal, but i didn't have to open it first. i went to home about at 5. i took a bath and changed my dress. at 6 i went to patin again, and i was little late. no problem. hehe

in patin, there was some of my friends! whey were waiting. hehe. when i arrived, my friends were make-up-ing. maria and firman suddenly ask me to open their present first. i opened it. and i got the high heel that i really want! BUT IT JUST ONE OF A COUPLE. where's the other one? i searched and thought, and firman gave me a clue. finally i could find the other! so, that night i wore the high heels from maria and frman.

the party was started. it opened by GV. then we prayed. the party was very cool and funny that night. i was very happy!!!!!!! there was a lot of my friends, and i got so much gift. i was in heaven! hahaha. the also gave me the video which is from them! it is so funny! i love it!

about at 11, it finished. i was so tired and want to sleep. but at last, still dewa and opal there. i cleaned up some stuff and i got my gift into the pocket.

and that night, i got something special. the most special thing from the special one. haha. i was so happy, glad, etc. i was tired but i happy.

i wanted to hug him. :D


Laras said...

eheeemmmmm ada apa nih dy??? i want hug him

Dyah Lunar said...

haha ada apa ya???
ada deeeeeh pokoknya haha