at 11.45 i was on retno's house to change my clothes. actually i was hungry but i had no time to eat. so i (almost) run to continue my trip, then i went by transjakarta. it little bit weird because the one who had the appointment with me wanted to meet me at dukuh atas shelter, which means i passed the place we wanted to go. but i had no idea about it -,-"

at 13.30 i arrived at the shelter. he said he would be late but my handphone was lowbatt and finally went off. so i waited him anxiously and thought "how can i tell him where i am?"

but at 2 o'clock he finally came. i almost fell asleep. so we went to our destination, epicentrum.

we arrived there and we wanted to see movie, Beastly (he didnt even know about the movie -,-). we bought tickets, it would be played at 15.50. it was 14.20 so we went to pafes to eat. i didnt hungry at all even though i hadn't eaten anything since morning. but i felt so thirsty so i drank 2 glasses and he ate nasi padang coz he said he was really hungry. oh, and we also searched for the japanese restaurant because he wanted sushi! (triple B boooy -_____-) and luckily, we found it there.

15.40 we went back to the XXI and the theater had opened so we were coming in. the movie was good enough for me, it's sweet, but as a boy he didnt really like it. what a boy -,- hahaha

after watching the movie, we went to the japanese restaurant and we ate sushi! i felt funny when i saw his face when he ate the first bite of the sushi, he was very excited and his face remind me with my 10-grade-mask! XD i couldnt stop laughing at the time XD while we ate, we told pretty much, it felt so easy and like i had nothing to think. i felt calm.

after that, we went home coz nothing to do anymore. but it was still 19.30, and it felt like to early for me to go home :p

moreover, when in the shelter, people piled up like sardines -_________- and i didnt want to imagine to wait among the sardines ALONE. BORED. TIRED.

then he suggested me to take the other way bus, to his home. and i agreed. hahahahaha. it would be better for me, so much better!

so we took the bus together, to the dukuh atas then blok m. we told again, never tired to talk. i dont know, i like it ;p and once again, i felt calm, very calm.

finally we arrived at blok m shelter. i would take another bus, but i didnt sure about the row. it was already dark (of course -,-). than he took me to the row where i should had waited. i was waiting for 616 but it didnt come so i decided to take 75 to pasming first. we splited there. it was funny, when i was on 75, i realized where i was. mampang, buncit raya. it would be the way if i took the busway directly without passing blok m XD but i never regret it ;) at 21.30 i arrived at home, then i continued my handycraft.

maybe it seems nothing special. yes, there's nothing different about this trip, just like when i went with rara or momon. but i was so happy! i dont know why but maybe, because in that trip, i finally could be free, i could do anything i wanted without worrying about people and i shouldnt tell anyone about this. this is me and this is my life. i could be the real "me". that's what i felt that day. thanks for him for bring me a joy and happiness after these tired days :)

btw, who's the boy?? he's my special friend i didnt see for several months. Andi Akbar Baskara :)