marathon days (again)

i cant remember when it started, i just remember that i on last thursday i went to bandung with my father to prepare my registration and test while my mom was there since the week before.

at friday, i went to unisba and finished my registration than i went to some places in bandung to search a gift for dewa, and i got it. and i was shopping too :p

saturday, i did the psychology test for 4 hours, and it REALLY made me tired. especially for the last test, counting a whole number in A3 paper. went home, and i was dying. i slept for a long time.

sunday, i couldnt say happy birthday to dewa at 00.00 because i got to do the test so i texted him at 5 :( then i went to unisba, did the subject test. it was 4 subjects. and made me tired enough, especially hungry. i tried to call my mother to pick me up at the time, but she didnt hear it so i was picked up at 12 =_________= 2 hours later.

after being picked up, i though i'll be home soon. but then i knew that my mother didnt picked me up alone, she was with my auntie, my uncle, and my cousin. they wanted to go to the wedding, and what, i was waiting in the car for about an hour =____________= more dying in hunger.

at 14.30 finally i was home. i ate so much then i slept so much too hahaha. but i couldnt sleep then -,- and i made handycraft at 9, stopped at 12 and tried to sleep.

monday morning, at 7 i was in my way to jakarta. the road wasnt friendly. so i got home at 9.45 and i changed my clothes quickly coz i had to go to school as soon as possible.

11.00 i finally was in school. just for several minutes of stamping my fingers -_________-

after that, i had an appointment so i went to retno's house to change my clothes.

-to be continued-