Blood Type : A

Basic behavior :
* Pessimistic and too sensitive
* Careful about decision-making
* Make things clear in black and white
* Care too much about social rules and standards

Tolerance :
* High tolerance for physical or repetitive work
* Cannot take changes easily
* Lose interest in a hobby easily

How do you see your future and past ?
* Try hard to forget the past
* Pessimistic about the future

How do you express your emotions ?
* Able to display cool outlook even though angry
* Short-tempered
* Take longer to heal a broken heart
* Sensitive to others opinions


Bulan said...

tell me tell me if im a blood O type!!!!
hm, gue udah follow looooooo
suruh yg lain (gue gak bisa di follow dan di comment? bego knp gue pilih itu ya layoutnya?) oke yaa suruh pada buka aja deh hahaha