34 2011 Graduation Day

it was 28th may 2011, it was 34 graduation day. nothing really special about it but i couldn't sleep at night before coz i have something to say next day to someone, Andi.

i tought it would be the las time for me to see him, so i had to clear this all. i didn't calm at all. even at last, i couldn't find him so i texted him but there was no replied. i was getting panic. lastly, i asked iki, "do you know Andi's new number? please i've got to see him" and iki answered, "that's him" he pointed behind me, near the exit door. i was getting panic. i said, "please order him to wait for me for a minute! i have something to give!"

i ran to the photo studio where i left my clutch, and i took his cookie cutter.

i walked fast back to iki, wore no shoes, and i saw Andi was there. i was breathless, speechless. everything i had on night before to say had gone. so i only said, "i only... want to.. give you back.. this.."

i stared at his eyes, trying to fix my breath, then he put the cookie cutter, looked at it just a second, then he hugged me. i was still speechless, but i couldn't hold my emotion, aaaaall of emotion that i had held for 5 months, so i began to cry on his shoulder. he hugged me. i cried loudly. pouring all my emotion and tears there. i had nothing to say. i only cried.

after that, i waited for my father to pick me up. there was me, my other, him, sisca, and retno. my mother was sleeping. sisca and retno might be understand, they left us. then i put my head on his shoulder and said, "i actually have no idea about this. i've prepare 3 line to say to you, but i cant say it. at first, i just wanna say this, sorry, and thanks."

after that, my father came. we are on the car and i took him home. when on the car, we talked less. we only leaned each other. i didn't know why. but i let it happened. let it flowed. and i was so happy for getting him back as my special friend once again.

thanks God for everything you gave, i really really appreciate it and i don't know what would i be without you ;)